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I was wondering if anyone is using ZBrush for astronomical imagery. I know it is very highly regarded for organic models, but I have not seen any examples of it being used for space scenes.

One particular subject I have in mind is very small moons or asteroids, where it is not going to be possible to get away with normal maps, as the craters are too large in proportion to the object, and need real geometry.

I have in mind either stamping on craters from a selection of templates, or starting with an image map applied, (maybe Phobos is a good example), and turning it into genuine relief.


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I've only used Zbrush thus far to create simple models of life forms for a couple of projects (see atmospheric critters among my posted photos). I am barely scratching the surface of the program's capabilities. I'm very interested in what others are doing.

I'm using Zbrush with Lightwave 9.6. Unlike LW11 it does not have plugin for direct communication with ZBrush. This asteroid or comet nucleus was my first serious attempt in ZBrush.

Lot of features I sculpted by hand but it will be more efficient to use presculpted craters or other features via alphas or in late versions of this software even using geometry.

I've been learning it for a while.  Sadly, I haven't gotten very far.  I have seen some extraordinary, and most impressive,  models made with it.  Would like to use it to make spacecraft as well as aliens, of course.

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