International Space Art Network

Welcome to a place of vision and beauty. Welcome to the world of space art.

Well, we have been going a few months now, so what do people think of it so far?

Anything need to be done differently?
What aspects do people like best?

I'll freely admit that I don't have a good grasp of all the options available here, and from some of the personal pages people have created, it looks like there are plenty of options, so let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement!

I think the bit I like best is our guest editor setup, (though I acknowledge the timing has been a bit erratic).

The bit that disappoints me most is that there are not more discussions taking place here, though perhaps this will make a start!


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I think this is an excellent site, and very useful. (I hope I've just made it a bit more so for 'beginners', by adding a very short video tutorial of a painting of the Moon by earthlight!) But I too would like to see more interaction and discussion by this group. I'm not sure how this can be accomplished. . .
Yes, that is a bit of a disappointment. Come on people, if you like this site and want to support it, find an image you like, and leave a comment telling the artists why!
I rather like the site. There are many unique images and styles as well as an increasing library of videos. David Hardy's tutorials are a great resource, especially for new artists. I try to visit seveal times a week and I always find several images to leave comments on. I too would like to see more of the collective interact even though the regular visitors/commenters have added so much. The guest editor feature is a superb idea. I would like to thank Nick and everyone else who contributed so selflessly in making this a potentially great site. It will rquire the input and interaction of more of the members to fully realize this objective.

Michael C. Turner
Hi Nick,

I think we`re doing well with new members continuing to join.
I suppose it depends on what people want from the site and everyone will have his or her own opinion. For my part I look on inSANe as an art gallery, and that I think is it`s primary purpose. I can post my work on it, comment on other peoples work, and have them comment on mine. I`m not much into discussions or forums but if something catches my eye I`ll take part. I agree with you on the guest editor spot it gives others a chance to participate and feel included, should they so wish.
Anyway inSANe suits me fine and we can only hope to do a Spock (Live long and prosper).


Yep, all credit toJohn K for kicking it off!

I have some ideas along the lines of helping people to customise their own pages, I willbe experimenting with my own, but if anyone else finds cool ways to customise srtuff here, let me know.

I have in mind some 'widgets' like the phase of the moon...

I think this site is a fantastic one-stop resource for space art. Being able to browse members' artworks is a real pleasure and far more convenient than checking the site's membership list and then clicking through the individual artist's websites.
Makes my life as DoE much, much easier. And much more fun.

Personally, I don't mind the lack of discussion, after all, that's what the listserve is for. And anyway, pictures speak a thousand words...

Thanks, Nick, for setting this up!
Bettina Forget said:
Thanks, Nick, for setting this up!

Nope! That was John Kaufman!
In the short time I have been a member of ISAN I have come to find not only vision and
beauty here but joy and peace as well. The talent here is extraordinary and their work is inspiring. I think this site is a beacon of pure light
in the ever darkening realm of cyberspace. Thank you for this oasis. - Mario

And thank you for your contibustions, not just with your art, but with your consistently constructive criticism and feedback given to others.


This site needs more people like you!


(So come on everyone - give feedback on the images you like!)

Nick, The pleasure is all mine. And again, I thank you and John Kaufman for giving us this magnificent showplace where we can share our passion for space art, express our ideas with like minded individuals, and most importantly learn from the modern day masters on the subject. - Mario

Hi Nick, 

I'm not sure if this is the exact right place I'm supposed to write, but as someone new, I hope to learn as I go. : )

I'm happy to have just become a newly minted member of international space art network. 

I come from a background of art, primarily drawing and painting, since  was age 5 or 6 (I'm 45 now). But I have also have a bachelor's degree in graphic design, and a minor in studio art, from Sacramento State University. 

When I was a little boy, once a week my elementary school would have a library day so all of us could check out our favorite books. I always made a beeline for two sections: art and space. Whether on the internet or elsewhere, when given, or giving myself, an opportunity, I've made the same beeline for the last 30-40 years. When wondering what I should do with my life, I've often believed that clues can be found in what you both love to do and what you're good at. I've always loved space and I've always been, well, at least relatively above average in art. 

My main question for you now, and I'm sure it's one you've probably heard many times before, is how do I begin my venture, as a beginner, into space art? What media or mediums should, or does, a beginner typically use? What books or videos should I consider looking at? What seminars might I consider going to? What software should I eventually invest in? Right now I own an Apple MacBook Pro and Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash. 

Thank you for your help. 


Scott Macdonald

Well, I think everyone will give you a different answer!

But it sounds like you have chosen a digital route, and if you already have a god range of 2d image software, that seems a good place to start. There are some video tutorials on this site by David Hardy, showing how to get some good effects simply.Very quick, very clear, very good!

A general google search along the lines of 'Photoshop planet tutorial' or 'Photoshop nebula tutorial' will get you a lot of specific advise on getting started, at no cost. And please share any good ones you find, and your results!

Personally I like 3d software, mainly because its very easy to move objects, change lighting, and generally fix a bad image! It is harder to learn I think though.

I currently use Lightwave 3d as my main tool, but there are plenty of others. If I was starting now, I'd probably go for Modo.

There are also some specialist tools - Daz Studio from Daz 3d does people, and has a free starter type edition. You have to pay for most of the figures, clothes etc though.

For landscapes, Vue has a good reputation and has a rather limited free edition also. it's powerful at atmospheres, and vegetation.

Full blown 3d for free is available with Blender, the open source project. It has a reputation for being hard to use, but it has got a lot better recently, is powerful, and you can't argue with the price!


Hope that helps!


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