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REWORKED VERSION. A sunny day on Sedna, as shown in this picture. The focus of light in the sky is not only the Sun, but the whole Solar System including the cloud of interplanetary dust that causes the zodiacal light.

Sedna (or 90377 Sedna) is a large minor planet in the outer reaches of the Solar System. With its aphelion estimated at 937 AU (about 31 times the distance of Neptune), it is one of the most distant known objects in the Solar System, other than long-period comets. It has an exceptionally long and elongated orbit, taking approximately 11,400 years to complete. Many astronomers conclude that Sedna is the first known member of the inner Oort Cloud.
Spectroscopy has revealed that Sedna's surface composition is similar to that of some other trans-Neptunian objects, being largely a mixture of water, methane and nitrogen ices with tholins. Its surface is one of the reddest among Solar System objects.
Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, who is thought to live at the bottom of the frigid Arctic Ocean...

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