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Cosmic Advent ~ Royal Star
☆ Michael C. Turner 2016 ☆

A star divine shines with royal light sublime,
Illuminating the Cosmos across space and time.
Vanquishing the darkness with light and love,
Giving flight to ransomed souls on the wings of a dove.
Royal Star of God's eternal love and light,
Your Cosmic Advent fills every heart with delight.

May Christ, God's Royal Star, Illuminate You Eternally . . .

Michael & Linda Turner ☆ Christmas Anno Domini 2016

Joy To Every Creature, Both Great And Small, Joy To All The Worlds!

☆☆☆ Descriptor on reverse of card ☆☆☆

Cosmic Advent ~ Royal Star
Copyright 2016 Michael C. Turner Galactic Visions Space Art

The Cosmos is limitless in more ways than size. It also encompasses time and multiple dimensions across what is perhaps infinite parallel universes. The Cosmos is alive and ever changing, thereby creating wonders beyond imagination and scientific explanation. Exploration of the Cosmos shall produce exponentially new discoveries, which will present new mysteries to ponder and hopefully solve. The manifestation of this applied knowledge shall assuredly illuminate understanding, and present even greater challenges to sentient beings across the vastness of time and space. Such "cosmic advents" shall indeed vanquish the darkness of ignorance and illuminate the minds of all who seek truth and understanding.

"Cosmic Advent ~ Royal Star" depicts a celestial drama in an extrasolar star system of a remote galaxy as viewed from the ancient surface of a terrestrial class planet within a multiple star system. Towering remains of volcanic formations reach outward and inward, transporting onlookers to a fantastical Cosmic event. The sky is a celestial stage filled with the drama enacted by an array of masterful performers. What "Cosmic Advent" might these conjunctions herald? One can well believe that sentient beings witnessing such an event would assuredly be inspired to document it for future generations. Depending upon the level of technology and scientific knowledge such a record could be in myriad forms such as stone, illuminated text and artistic expressions in endless forms.

On Earth, the most notably documented Cosmic Advent is the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For over two millennia His manifestation on this planet has been praised and preserved in the form of text, visual art and music. The initial inspiration has spanned time and space to exponentially inspire a host of believers and welcomed all to open their minds and hearts to receive Him, Jesus Christ, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father and The Prince of Peace of all the Cosmos!

"Joy to every creature, both great and small! Joy to all the worlds!"

☆Michael C. Turner ~ Anno Domini 2016 ☆
"Cosmic Advent ~ Royal Star" is #26 in the annual "Christmas In The Stars limited edition series. (1991- 2016)

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Прекрасная работа!

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