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Our advancements in technology has leaped in the last 200 years. With this leap of scientific growth combined with our population explosion has brought the world to a critical crossroad. Obviously if we as a society continue upon the path previously taken our miss use of our planet both in contamination and exploitation of its natural resources provides us a bleak prospect for the future. The positive side is the huge trend recently in the development of green focused technologies, this combined with global reclamation we can greatly assist a positive change. Consider this line of thought, if we were to utilize our galactic positioning and begin harvesting the unlimited amount of resources just within our own milky way, I wonder how much faster our planet could begin to heal and at the same time begin to heal us as a race.

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Comment by John E. Kaufmann on March 1, 2009 at 3:46pm
Nice looking piece Steve. I think taking advantage of resources beyond Earth will have to happen eventually if humanity is to move forward.

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