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Cosmic Advent ☆ Royal Star
©2018 Michael C. Turner
Galactic Visions Space Art

The Cosmos is a wondrous creation of science and art. Vast cosmic realms await adventurous space-faring explorers to boldly go where they have not gone before . . .

"Cosmic Advent - Royal Star" takes the viewer to one such remote cosmic realm in space and time to witness the creation of a new "star" of royal brilliance, a quasar galaxy. This dramatic view is from within a planetary system of a multiple star system. The stage is set for a grand celestial performance. A "Super Earth" like planet and its companion moons are in a rare astronomical alignment with the neophyte quasar galaxy as the new leading star grows in brightness, illuminating the celestial performers as they enact their cosmic waltz. Hidden deep within the new quasar galaxy is a dark performer . . . a phantom . . . a black hole, which perpetuates this cosmic opera and produces the energy that fuels this royal star.
What might sentient beings on the planet and or moons' surfaces think about such a cosmic phenomena? If they are very advance then they likely would understand the astronomical phenomena yet would still find it fascinating. Beings less technically developed would likely be in mystified awe and possibly attribute it to some religious or mystical occurrence. There is no reason that it could not be both. The Star of Bethlehem, which herald the birth of Christ, has long intrigued the minds of religious and scientific thinking humans. Was it just an astronomical phenomena or could it have actually been the star as foretold in ancient texts that would signal the coming of The Savior, Jesus Christ, The King of Kings and Lord of Lords . . .

"Cosmic Advent . Royal Star" is number 28 in the annual limited edition series of "Christmas In The Stars." 1991-2018

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