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At first glance, these images appear to be abstract work, are not. They are landscapes, astral landscapes of those that thanks to the advance of science and technology reveals to us the most modern and powerful telescopes.

Nowadays the landscape not only blurs at sunset or it limits itself up to where our eyes can observe the horizon. Much less we believe that the world is flat or that the lights that shine in the sky at night are only created material for mad people and… Continue

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Space Art Presentation - Again

Earlier this month I had the opportunity to speak to a group of amateur astronomers about Art And The Exploration of Space.

Well Friday Oct 30 I will be giving the same presentation at the 34th Chicago Area Mensa HalloweeM at the Sheraton Chicago Northwest in Arlington Heights IL.

My Art And The Exploration of Space presentation covers the history of space art and discusses how art has been used in the portrayal of space exploration.

For details… Continue

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Space Art For Folks in the Chicago Area

Tomorrow Friday Oct 9 I will be giving a presentation at the monthly meeting of the Skokie Valley Astronomers. The presentation titled Art And The Exploration of Space covers the history of space art and discusses how art has been used in the portrayal of space exploration.

For details about the Art And The Exploration of Space program, see the news release Space Art at the Ryerson Conservation… Continue

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Artsnova Blog Entry on Sagan Cosmos Music Video

Came across the following music video of Carl Sagan and Cosmos.
You can read my comments and watch the video at

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How to Obtain Prints of Bill Wright's Work

Prints of Bill Wright's work can be obtained at:
or contact Bill at
or telephone bill at 410-208-1044

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Hello To All!!!!! I have been a Space Enthusiast since Childhood and I have a number of Favorite Space Artists: Lucian Rudaux, Chesley Bonestell, Robert McCall, Ron Miller, Paul and Chris Calle, etc.
I Hope that I will enjoy what is kept here and that it will never be lost to the World since Space Art has made a fundamental contribution to the Exploration of Space....a Contribution that can NEVER be over or under estimated.


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Seeking Space Art for National Space Society Online Gallery

Hi everyone,

I am in the process of creating a space art gallery for the National Space Society web site and am looking for artists whose work illustrates the human exploration and settlement of the solar system.

What I need from each artist who is interested in participating in the NSS Space Art Gallery is:

* a photo of yourself, possibly in the act of creating some space art.

* a short write up about yourself, your art, your medium, etc.

* 4 images… Continue

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Great new space art site now open...

This site just went live, and it's absolutely fantastic.

Our own planets, as seen through the eyes of artists.

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Astronomy and Clouds

Just to let you know that two of my paintings are now included in the Gallery of the Cloud Appreciation Society. One is a fantasy -- 'Cloudship' in oils -- and the other is of clouds and aurorae on the planet Jupiter. Astronomers are of course supposed to hate clouds because they interfere with viewing, which is true enough (especially when you travel thousands of miles to see a total eclipse!), but I love them, and love painting them -- whichever planet they're on.… Continue

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Astronomy on the Brain

I never thought one of my paintings would end up as a podcast icon in iTunes, but here it is!

The icon illustrates the podcast The Universe in Mind by Ivan Semeniuk, current Journalist-in-Residence at the Dunlap Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics, University of Toronto. I met Ivan a few years ago, when he was hosting the astronomy news segment on the TV show Daily… Continue

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Hi Def Daedalus

I won't leave it there for very long, but I have just done a VERY big new test animation render of my Daedalus model.

Before you try downloading it, you should be aware that it is Full 1080p High Definition, so you will need a big monitor to even view it, and the size is a whopping 72 megabytes, so a hefty broadband connection is a good idea!


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NASA Life and Work on the Moon Art Contest


I just did a brief write up of my experience as a judge in the NASA Life and Work on the Moon Art Contest. Please see


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Getting your 'InSANe' stuff onto your own web pages...

I just tried this and it works just fine...

If you want to include your photo slideshow from here on another site, just find the photos here, and let the slideshow start. At the end of the slideshow you should see two buttons, one marked "Replay" and one marked "Share". If you click on share, it will show the code you need to play the slideshow.

Just copy this, (using the button provded), and then paste it into the code for your web page, using your prefered HTML editor,… Continue

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Space art video

Check out this cool space… Continue

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Blue Marble Next Generation

I suspect most people reading this will be aware of it, but just in case...

If you need some highly detailed images to make a CGI Earth model, then the NASA Blue Marblenext generation is the best I am aware of:

Also available for every month of the year, plus topography.

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I dont know what to say about it.

I have been away from here for a while. Yesterday I came in to see what's new and I learned that one of my paintings has been chosen by Guest Editor Bettina Forget. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Honest. I was totally shocked. I really did'nt think it was a very good picture. It was done in only a couple hours, mainly for fun as all my paintings are done now just for fun. Gone are the days when I hoped to be the next Chesley Bonestell and spent days laboring over a single… Continue

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Atmosphere Simulator

Now this looks interesting:

Cloudwright, a volumetric atmosphere simulator, and at a rather good price, and with a demo. I think I will have to add that to the list of toys to try...


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Very high resolution Mars topography data

I see that the USGS now has some very high resolution elevation maps for some parts of Mars:

See also:

The good news:

It really is very fine resolution, good enough for ripples on the dunes from what I can see.

The bad news:

Downloads are HUGE, (over 1 Gb!)

I'm really struggling to find something that can make sense of the data, even the image maps,… Continue

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New Moon Art - Quantum moon

Quantum Moon Digital Painting

Quantum Moon by Jim Plaxco

Hi everyone,

I just added a new work to my Moon Art Gallery. Titled Quantum Moon the digital painting was created using a variation on pointillism.

View the picture at…


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