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A history of space and SF art in covers

Today I bumped into a rather neat site which has a history of covers of the magazine Astounding Stories of Super Science, through to it's current incarnation as Analog.

Lovely to scan through them all, following the stylistic shifts from shrieking girls in metal bikinis and art deco cylinder ships with rows of portholes down the side, through mismatched animal parts aliens, and glaring faces in the sky, thorough to the predominantly much more realistic modern style.

Start here!

I spent way too long looking at this stuff, and I am currently fighting the urge to start work on an image of a sturdy robot made from iron pipes fighting a giant pulsating green and purple brain. 


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Comment by Mario John Borgatti on October 12, 2011 at 11:06pm
What a great source of nostalgic space and fictional art. So much content in one place, I got pulled in too! Thanks for the post. - Mario

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