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Book on the Soviet Manned Lunar Program

As many of you will know if you have been around here for a while, I have been working for many years on making high precision models of the hardware used in the Soviet manned lunar program in general, and the N-1 superbooster in particular.

These have been used in a book, and we are currently running a 'kickstarter' campaign to fund the print run:

At the time of writing it is ooing well, but has not reached the target with only 3 days to go.

So I'd really appreciate it if you would take a look at the kickstarter and consider joining in. It's pretty much risk free -0 the book is ready to print, and if the target is not reached you will keep your money.

It would also be seriously cool if you could spread the word to other people who may be interested!

We are really proud of the book, it contains lots of information never published before in the west, and lots of photos never seen in print before anywhere. It was made with the active participation of three Russian experts, and there's lots more info, (and some great video footage) on the kickstarter page.

And of course, loads of great artwork to tempt any space enthusiast.



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