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At first glance, these images appear to be abstract work, are not. They are landscapes, astral landscapes of those that thanks to the advance of science and technology reveals to us the most modern and powerful telescopes.
Nowadays the landscape not only blurs at sunset or it limits itself up to where our eyes can observe the horizon. Much less we believe that the world is flat or that the lights that shine in the sky at night are only created material for mad people and poets.

The authors of astronomy such as Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, Herschel, Einstein and Hubble have completely transformed the conception of what humanity had of the universe and day after day we continue marveling and surprising ourselves.
Thanks to Galileo that planted the seed and also the team of scientists that 4 centuries later built the Hubble space telescope, today we have been able to understand our vision to infinity; actually our landscape doesn’t limit itself to prairies or mountains with ducks or cows.
Today in the distance of millions of light years the universe reveals us its brightness.
Poetry converted into the spectrum, stars, planets and galaxies dance for our lenses. The modest telescope that naively Galileo used in 1609 to see ships in the horizon before raising it to the sky to surprise himself with the mountains of the moon and those new little lights (stars) in the Milky Way has been left behind.

The space, its over-dimension and its force clearly shows us that we are just grains of sand in an astral beach, on a little cosmic beach that we call Earth. That we float in the immense paradise, even though we continue searching for Heaven and we kill each other in our rush to discover it.

In our planet or outside of it, in the total infinity matter and its primary particles dance with the expression of its force. The chemical elements work together to make different expressions of life, known or far from our consciousness. Sodium, Magnesium, or Potassium are mixed in one of our single cells. The same way other essential elements produce a soft sparkle of Synapses. The same elements that can burn with fury inside a star, similar to those that wonder like dust or gas in the immensity of the nebulas or galaxies.

Understanding this logic has taken me to investigate the “Chemical Interaction” of different pure chemical elements.
In the beginning some as Lead (II) Nitrate, Potassium Chromate, Iron (II), Sulphocyanide to mention some.
Nowadays I work with daily composed elements such as water that its essence is made of oxygen and hydrogen, acrylic pigments and other that when they work together chemically on a canvas, generate expressions of similar shape and color as the Hubble images reveals us.
Simultaneously and thanks to the technological advances today we can explore besides the space, art fields that in the old days were unimaginable for Goya, Van Gogh or Leonardo.
A modern machine such as a computer and a camcorder lets us explore the video-art. With these I have register a film at the moment of creating the work of the chemical interaction of different elements.
The camera captures the movement and color of the materials that flow and move on the canvas, attracted by the force of gravity, generating images that imitate the micro and macro universes, the astral dances and the cosmic movements.

as it is appreciated on the video

All the institutes are welcome and/or people who are interested in the acquisition, spreading and promotion of this newborn proposal.

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