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At 12:13pm on August 10, 2013, John E. Kaufmann said…

Hi Dave,

I'm still working two jobs and my time for the fun stuff (space art) is very scarce at this time. I'm caught up on the IAAA voting and will certainly cast my vote.

Best wishes,


At 9:39pm on October 29, 2011, Mario John Borgatti said…
David, You're very welcome.

Reading this book has rekindled some of my earliest memories of all things extra terrestrial. I am well into my second reading and find it to be as enjoyable and enthralling as the first. What's more, I know it won't be my last.

At 10:26am on October 26, 2011, Mario John Borgatti said…

Hello David,

Thank you for accepting my friend invite.

I purchased a copy of "FUTURES" from a book shop linked from your website. To say that it is an extraordinary book on the story of space discovery and space art is an understatement. Your inspiring paintings, combined with Patrick Moore's engrossing text, set this book apart from those which are nothing more than compilations of poorly rendered images and questionable history. This book is the real thing!

I am enjoying this book tremendously and would recommend it to anyone who is fascinated by the subject. A great gift idea as well, especially for younger folk who may show an interest in "The Challenge of the Stars."

Best regards,




At 10:38am on August 11, 2011, Mario John Borgatti said…
David, Thank you for the encouragement. I'll submit 10 images this weekend.
At 1:09am on August 11, 2011, Mario John Borgatti said…
You're welcome David. And, thank you as well. I was looking at the IAAA website awhile back and did think about joining. I might summon the courage to submit some of my work one day. 
At 8:32am on August 9, 2011, Mario John Borgatti said…

Hello David,

Very inspiring work. I liked your Red Dwarf tutorial and tried a variation that turned out fairly good. I too am fascinated by clouds, whatever matter their composed of. Thanks for posting the lessons.    

At 7:41am on July 6, 2010, Doug said…
You did a painting for the first challenge of the stars which was termed "Mining operations on Titan". I dont see that picture anywhere now. Is it viewable anywhere ? I thought it was great.
At 6:56pm on June 27, 2010, Doug said…
David, your work captures the imagination. Really appreciate your work. You take us there in a manner only paralleled by NASA. It's fantastic to be transported to the planets in the way you illustrate. Keep up the good work.
At 7:07am on January 30, 2009, Lionel Bret said…
It's a pleasure to share my work with all of you
At 8:10am on January 28, 2009, Lionel Bret said…
Thanks Dave,
I've sent a preliminary statement about the exhibit.
As soon as I'll have an adsl connection and time enough I'll complete my profile on InSANe, I love that name
At 12:13pm on January 26, 2009, Walter B. Myers said…
Congratulations David on being first guest editor for InSANe Art Of The Week, and thank you for choosing "Titan's Low Surface Gravity" as InSANe's very first selection in this category. I'm a lousy judge of my own work and I never know what will ultimately connect with this esteemed community. Coming from a world-recognized master of the genre as yourself makes me appreciate this honor all the more. Thanks!
At 12:15pm on January 24, 2009, L.W. Perkins said…
Any one ever tell you that you do really nice hardware? I have always been a big fan of your galaxies but the spacecraft here really shine!
At 12:12pm on January 18, 2009, John E. Kaufmann said…
Welcome to The Space Art Network David. I'm pleased to see some of your fantastic art on the site.
At 12:09pm on January 17, 2009, Walter A. Barrows said…
Oops! I sent a friend request to you Dave and was going to add a message, but it got away from me! Always loved your works and the video tutorial is excellent! Just posted to Jon as a friend and remarked that it seems like decades since the KSC workshop! Have a great rest of the afternoon!
At 6:47am on January 17, 2009, Sean Brady said…
Hi Dave,
Welcome aboard (Fantastic resume photo)


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