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Bernal Sphere Space Habitat, Updated model and renders

My upgraded Bernal Sphere space habitat. Done with a soft light from above rather than the more accurate light directly along the axis. The main changes in this version are:

* Hazard lights extensively redone.
* More detail added to docking ports
* Big struts on ring mirrors replaced with lots of cables.
* Chunky ring mirror struts replaced with trusswork.
* Additional trusswork between the habitation sphere and agricultural rings.
* Light source tucked inside the rear agricultural rings
* Microgravity modules attached to the main axis front and rear.

The main habitation sphere is several miles across, to give you an idea of scale. The big vanes provide cooling and the big mirrors direct sunlight into the main sphere and the agricultural rings at either end. (At least they do when it points at the Sun!)

Recommend for watching full screen to pick out the details!

Now I plan to make a more ambitious sequence, showing all key parts in action.

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