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N-11 Soviet Rocket - speculative design.

The N-11 was a variant of the N-1 super booster which was never built. The rocket would basically have been an N-1 without the first stage, making it a Proton class rocket. This would have many advantages for the N-1 program, not least being able to flight test the upper stages independently of the first stage, and indeed before the first stage was ready. One of the reasons it was not developed was that the upper block (3rd stage of N-11), was to have two liquid hydrogen fuelled engines, and these were not ready.

I am unaware of any 'official' images showing the rocket's appearance, and it is normally shown simply as an N1-L3 with the first stage missing, and grid fins on the second stage. However on reading Boris Chertok biography, I realised that this didn't make a whole lot of sense for several reasons, and that I could probably have a shot at something more realistic.

These are the changes I made:

1. The fairings at the lower part of the second stage / Block B don't make sense as a stand alone craft, so I trimmed them upwards, and added a subtle flare at the base, similar to the first stage.

2. The L3 is too large a payload for the smaller rocket, so I made it shorter, and more in line with the Progress-M fairing. (An escape system would also be reasonable. As part of a man rated system, it seems very likely it too would be man rated).

3. Open upper interstage between the 2nd stage and the 3rd stage, in line with other soviet rockets.

4.Extended the stage two hull further up over the upper tank before starting the interstage.

5. Two engine bells visible in this interstage.

6. Conduits extend across the new open interstage, similar to other interstages on the N-1.

7. Added a heat shield on the upper tank, to protect it from the flame of the hydrogen engines.

Comments on possible improvements to accuracy are very welcome!

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