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I search for the partner - the investor for to produce sci-fi 3DHD TV a serial.
The creative group «Gu...

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Comment by Gunars Miksitis on August 17, 2010 at 2:10am
Scene of action:
The system of a star of Luxor has 12 planets. Three of them are rendered habitable.
Теrasinia, the first rendered habitable planet, has two large continents and nine small, oceans are sated by set of archipelagoes from small islands.
Number of inhabitants of Teresina - 20 billion
Vendi has the atmosphere unsuitable for breath and aggressive environment. People live in underground cities and on a surface in the closed premises-domes in which environmental conditions approaching for the person are created. Scientific bases, mining firms, mines. The industry basis - enrichment and processing of minerals. Four main space ports are allocated on poles, in the same place - the largest cities. Number of inhabitants of 350-500 thousand depending on seasons and loading of firms.
Мedlan, the most long-distance from Luxor from three rendered habitable planets - partially Terraforming, is atmosphere, the flora has red-brown pigmentation, therefore a planet name also as "a planet of eternal autumn”. The planet has five small seas. On a planet some states-enclaves divided by uncontrollable territories on which criminal groups and smugglers have located are allocated. Besides, on exterritorial spaces there are confidential army and scientific bases of the different states. 30 cities with the common population of 2 million, 700 settlements with the 270 thousand population In each city and in many settlements are available the space ports.
Between three populated planets of system active freight traffic by means of orbital transports and cargo shuttles with possibility of take-off-landing on planets is carried on.
Orbital trucks ply between orbital warehouses, whence freights are supplied by shuttle trips from a planet.
On Теrasinia 140 states, from them 21 big volume are allocated.
Sovereign Empire Betoniy, the monarchy, allocated on island in Southern hemisphere.
Capital - Tomalla. The population - 1 250,5 million
Other states: Gandlib, Nagy. Dundstan.

Comment by Gunars Miksitis on August 17, 2010 at 2:03am
I search for the partner - the investor for to produce sci-fi 3DHD TV a serial.
The creative group «GunArt Film Studio» continues work on creation of a science-fiction serial «Space Saga - Saga of Raakvils».
Genres - adventures, science fiction, a drama, the insurgent.

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